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It’s Blogmas! Hooray! Yesterday, I made the impromptu decision to join Blogmas this year! For those of you who are unfamiliar with Blogmas, I’ll be posting a new blog post every day until Christmas. Yesterday was December 1st and I probably should have written this post then, but impromptu decisions often come with disorganisation.

I thought I’d start out my first official Blogmas post with something a little Christmas-y. If you’ve read my blog for a while, or followed me on Instagram, you’ll likely know that I’m not a book collector. I have a very small collection of books that I absolutely adore, and I try not to keep books that I don’t love. I like to try and be somewhat of a minimalist, and I find a big collection of books quite suffocating. Having said that, I don’t avoid purchasing books entirely, and I do have a little wishlist. This post was originally titled ‘Books I’ve Been Meaning To Get,’ (but I never published it, lol) it’s a list of books that have been sitting in my wishlist on book depository for about a year, and I should probably treat myself to them soon.

Dear Santa (a.k.a. me), 

Here are some books that have been getting dusty in my online wishlists for so long, I’d love for them to be getting dusty beneath my Christmas tree (that I don’t actually own) instead. 

The Mime Order

Samantha Shannon


A lot of my friends and family joke and tease me about a strange trend in my bookshelf. I’ve taken to owning the first and third books in a series/trilogy and not the second. Such is the case with Samantha Shannon’s, The Bone Season. I have beautiful hardback editions (with the original covers) of The Bone Season and The Song Rising, but I am yet to purchase The Mime Order. I should probably do that soon, because I know the covers have been replaced and it’s probably no longer in print.

Want to read it? Add to to your shelves on Goodreads!

The Night Circus

Erin Morgenstern


I reread The Night Circus every year. It’s such a perfect wintry read to me. But every year, I loan it as an eBook from my library. I would very much like to own my own copy, and I’d like it in a sturdy hardback, so it can weather my constant rereads, and that way, I don’t have to wait in the reservation line at the library every. single. year. 

Want to read it? Add to to your shelves on Goodreads!

Sherlock Holmes: Volume 2

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Knickerbocker Classics Clothbound Edition

This is another one of my strange ‘I don’t own the second in the series’ thing. I have Volumes 1, 3 and 4 but ehem… I’m missing volume 2. I haven’t a single good reason as to why this is. I love my Knickerbocker editions of Sherlock Holmes, the pages are so soft, the covers are perfectly Sherlock, and they even have little fabric straps to keep them closed. Yet, alas, I do not own my own copy of volume 2. 

Want to read it? Add to to your shelves on Goodreads!

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: Gryffindor Edition

J. K. Rowling


This is almost embarrassing to admit, but the reason I don’t own the 20th Anniversary edition of the Chamber of Secrets is because I thought a friend or family member was going to give this to me for my birthday, and uh, no one did. So, it went straight onto my ‘to be purchased’ list. I know Booktopia have it for AU$20, so I’ll likely order it when I get home from New Zealand.

Want to read it? Add to to your shelves on Goodreads!

A Court of Thorns and Roses 1-3

Sarah J Maas


I un-hauled my paperback copies of these books earlier this year, because I simply couldn’t fit them in my suitcase to take them back to Australia with me. My paperbacks were pretty well read, anyway, so I decided to take the plunge and invest in hardbacks. I’m just waiting to return to Australia before I can get my hands on these ones. Maybe they will be under my Christmas tree this year. 

Want to read it? Add to to your shelves on Goodreads!

What books are on your wishlist this year?

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P.S. Some of the links on the page are affiliate links. That means, if you purchase a book with this link, I earn a small commission, with no extra cost to you! Hooray!

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  1. Des
    December 4, 2018

    Goooosh! If only Santa will hear me, I’ll be SUPER HAPPY to present him a VERY LONG wishlist (reviving my collection that got destroyed by flood caused by typhoon a few years ago):
    – Harry Potter series (1st ed US Hardbound Scholastic)
    – The Complete Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Hardbound B&N edition – very old edition)
    – ACOTAR series PLUS ACOFAS (all hardbound)
    – Flame in the Mist duology (new cover)
    – An Ember in the Ashes series (new cover)
    – Agatha Christie series (box set)
    – The Little House on the Prairie series (box set)
    – The Secret Garden (old movie-in edition)

    That’s it for now. I don’t want to overwhelm Santa with my wishlist *winks*


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