Types of Edits & Pricing

I offer three types of editing as well as manuscript assessment. These include copyediting, line editing and developmental editingI also offer packaged deals for more than one type of edit.

Prices of developmental, line and copy edits are estimates only. Please contact me directly for a quote.

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The final price depends on many factors that influence the amount of work required.

These factors include, but are not limited to:

  • The state of your manuscript (first drafts will take longer to edit than those that have been self-edited or previously proof read by a third party)
  • Your deadline
  • The type of novel you've written (eg. historical fiction requires more fact checking and is therefore, on average, more expensive than other projects).

Please note, my prices are loosley based off industry standard.

If you're not sure what kind of edit you need, use our handy tool to find out - just click here!

If you are interested in combining various edits, but there is no packaged deal below, please feel free to contact me to discuss a custom plan.

Manuscript Assessment

If you've just finished your manuscript and you're not quite ready to hire an editor for a developmental or copyedit, but you'd like some consructive feedback and suggestions from an editor, this is for you! 

In a manuscript assessment, I read your novel and provide you with detailed feedback outlining your strengths as well as areas I feel may need improvement.

I also suggest ways to adjust these areas, and work on aspects of your manuscript that aren't as strong as others.

I then suggest the level of editing I think will be required to get your manuscript to publication level, be this self-editing or professional editing.

If you decide you'd like to persue developmental editing with me after this assessment, the cost of the assessment will be deducted from the cost of developmental editing, provided substantial changes have not been made.

Manuscript Assessment -- The Riverside Library

Copy Edits

Copy editing is focussed on your spelling and grammar. In these edits an editor will go through your novel with a fine-tooth comb, looking for any errors and inconsistencies in your prose.

It’s the copy editor’s job to polish your manuscript into a publishable state, however, keep in mind that human error is a very real possibility.

Copy editors aim for at least 95% accuracy. Copy editing is the least expensive form of editing.

Please note prices are an estimate only.


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Line Edits

Line editing is focussed on your language. In these edits an editor will analyse your novel line by line, looking for ways to enhance your meaning and boost the reader’s understanding of your story.

It’s the line editor’s job to ensure your story is clear and the language is interesting for the reader.

Line editing falls between developmental and copy edits in both intensity and expense.


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Developmental Edits

Developmental editing is focussed on your story as a whole.

In these edits an editor will analyse aspects of your story including (but not limited to): plot, structure, character, dialogue, world, tense, point of view, flow, subplots, pacing, weak links, unanswered questions and consistency.

It’s the developmental editor’s job to ensure your story is engaging and interesting for the reader.

Developmental editing is the longest and most expensive form of editing due to its extensive nature.

Developmental Edits -- The Riverside Library

Line & Copy Edits

The Line & Copy Package is comprised of two rounds of edits. The first round is focussed on line editing, once this is completed, the manuscript is returned to you. After accepting/rejecting/making changes to your manuscript, you’ll then send it back to me for copy edits.

Full Edit Package

The Full Package is comprised of three rounds of edits. Between each round of edits the manuscript will be returned to you for you to make the appropriate changes. The first edit is developmental, the second edits are line edits, and the final round of edits are copy edits.

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