Harry Potter & Sims 4 Fans, You Need This Fan-Made Pack

There was a sale on The Sims 4 the other week, and under strict instructions from many friends, I decided to purchase it to ‘have some time off.’

I remember, way back in the day when I first played The Sims, I somehow managed to get my hands on all expansion packs at once. This time (greatly thanks to inflation meaning I can get only two games for the price of all games back in the day) I just got myself the base game – but that’s good enough! Especially now I’ve discovered the world of Mods & CC.

I fell down the Youtube rabbit hole the other day and discovered SimsTube, where people make videos about the sims. If you're interested in watching, I recommend checking out Plumbella, Deligracy and The Sim Supply. Through SimsTube, I discovered this very realistic fan-made Harry Potter or *ehem* Henry Puffer Stuff Pack, filled with wonderful Wizarding CAS and Build/Buy items.

⚡️✨Watch the Magical Trailer!⚡️

I figured I'd install it into my game and share with you how it goes. If you've never downloaded or installed mods before, it's super simple, you can read my blog post here.

Let's begin with Create A Sim

Create a Sim Objects

I didn't spend long in create-a-sim, but I did make a slight attempt to create some Simmish variations of our golden trio. I settled on some not-so over-the-top outfits, though I did dress Henry with some Gryffindor pride. You can pick from a variety of swatches on shirts for both men and women. There is also a dress (with a heap of swatches) available for women, and some shoes available for all. Plus, check out that adorable hat.

If you want to see everything that's available in Create A Sim before you download you can check it out here.

(Yes, I was very tempted to call Ron, Roonil Wazib)

Sim 1

First Name: Henry
Surname: Puffer
Age: Teen

Sim 2

First Name: Hermy
Surname: Onie
Age: Teen

Sim 3

First Name: Won
Surname: Won
Age: Teen

Build & Buy Objects

With the help of my lovely followers on Instagram, I built a very interesting house using the pack. Let me preface this by saying I am not a talented sim builder, in fact, the only talent I have in the Sims is cheating. Exhibit A (the only time I'll ever be a millionaire):

Considering I've been playing The Sims since I was about nine years old, I should probably be a better builder than I am, but alas, there are some things we can never be great at. Now, moving on: thanks to a bunch of polls on Instagram, my followers decided I should build a 3-6 bedroom, 2-storey house that defied the laws of physics. The house had to have a stone exterior, wooden floors in the bedrooms, and cosy woodsy vibe with affordable furniture. The poll for open plan or separate rooms was tied the whole time, so the house needed to have a compromise between the two. It also needed a basement with a cow plant, a bar, a science kit, a cage, a couch, forbidden magic and beanbags. Unfortunately, I couldn't deliver on the last two, but I tried.

This, dear reader, is the slightly (very) odd result. My attempt at making it physics-defying resulted in a second storey being wider than the first. Wild.

I'm just realising now that I'm not the best Sim photographer ever. In fact, I'm bad at it, so I took these photos from the gallery.

I decided to add an underground grotto and garden in the basement because why not? Now, away from my sub-par building skills, and back to the pack. Here are some of my favourite pieces of furniture.

First up: these adorable toddler beds and pillows! You have to add the pillow separately with bb.moveobjects on, holding alt and pressing 9 to raise the pillows or 0 to lower them. (They look very badly aligned in this photo. Whoops.) I also love this wallpaper and the cute purple owl.


Perhaps my utmost favourite thing in this pack are these string lights with pegs. You can see from the picture below that the fairy lights have hanging photos, but they don't actually come like that. They come separate. That's right, you can pick which photos you pin onto the pegs on the string lights. How cool is that????? I'm also obsessed with the bed, side table, stackable books, pumpkin spice latte and a scented candle.

This bookshelf is so cool! There are so many spots to put extra decorations, including a Hogwarts scarf. Yep! You read that right! I also love the mismatched paintings on the wall.


Look at these string lights! I think by now you can tell I'm a sucker for string lights, so you really can't go wrong. I also adore these cute end table, and this chest of drawers.

There is so much stuff in this pack, it would take me hours to go through it all. I honestly love this pack, and the creator has done such an incredible job with it. I 100% recommend downloading it and adding it to your game. If you do, you can find this house on the Gallery. My ID is RiversideLibrary.

I'll upload an un-modded, less crazy version of the house soon. I'd love to see your Sims making the most of this place, so please, feel free to share on your Instagram stories and tag me!

You can download the pack here.

Happy Simming!

Mikaela | The Riverside Library

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