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Resurrecting My Book Club - Riverside Reads -- The Riverside Library

Last year I began a book club called Riverside Reads Non-Fiction and I loved it! Except, I wasn’t very good at it at all. I’m a mood reader, and reading a non-fiction book each month really wasn’t something I felt like doing, so I found myself forgetting to pick a new book one month and then a year past and now we’re here. Such is life, I suppose.

However, I picked a book up from the library the other day, and I knew that it was unlikely anyone I knew had read it or even knew about it, but I found myself wanting someone to read it with. That’s when I remembered this book club, and so many possibilities jumped into my head. I’ve decided, after a few days of thought, it’s time to resurrect Riverside Reads, but this time, I shan’t be committing myself to reading non-fiction, instead, I’ll do something far more me: I’ll read widely. The name will simply be Riverside Reads. Each month there’ll be a new book, sometimes fiction, sometimes non-fiction, all with aim to read far and wide, and perhaps find a new favourite genre, or topic. The goal is to pick up books one normally wouldn’t, to find things we’re not actually looking for, and to learn things we never knew we needed to know.

Welcome to Riverside Reads, 2019.

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One of my main goals this year is to announce the book of the month quite a whole before the month begins, allowing time for library reservations or purchases to arrive. Now, I know it’s only nearly the middle of March, but announcing the book now give you ample time to get your hands on a copy.

Ready for the announcement?

This time we’ll start with non-fiction, as an ode to what this once was. The book I’ve picked is the very one that made me bring this book club back to life:

The Mother of All Questions by Rebecca Solnit.

The Mother of All Questions -- The Riverside Library

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In a timely follow-up to her national bestseller Men Explain Things to Me, Rebecca Solnit offers indispensable commentary on women who refuse to be silenced, misogynistic violence, the fragile masculinity of the literary canon, the gender binary, the recent history of rape jokes, and much more.

In characteristic style, Solnit mixes humor, keen analysis, and powerful insight in these essays.

(I know it sounds like it’s a sequel, but non-fic doesn’t really do sequels, so you don’t need to read Men Explain Things to Me before reading The Mother of All Questions).

Why I Picked it

Rebecca Solnit has been on my radar for quite some time, but I’ve never picked up one of her books. She has quite a few books, those that I’m most excited tor ead are Wanderlust: a History of Walking, A Field Guide to Getting Lost, The Faraway Nearby, Hope in the Dark, and Men Explain Things to Me among others. I’m also looking forward to reading her first children’s book, Cinderella Liberator due for publication in May. Depending on how our read-through of The Mother of All Questions goes, perhaps we could pick up some of her other works together as well.

I’ll admit I’ve already read a couple of pages and I’ve really liked it so far, so I’m super excited for April to come so we can start this book together. Remember, if you’re joining in tag me in your Instagram posts and use the hashtag #riversidereads, and if you make any blog posts about the books or the book club, paste them in the comments below so both my readers and I can check them out!

Thanks for reading! See you in April, book club buddies!

Mikaela | The Riverside Library

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