Sims Lovers! You Need This Free Contemporary Living Room Stuff Pack!

Contemporary Living Feature -- the Riverside Library

You guys know I love a good free, fan-made, custom content pack for the Sims 4, and the Sims 4 Contemporary Living Pack is no exception. Trust me, you need it just for the mirror (pictured above). If you need a tutorial on how to install Custom Content (CC) in your game, check it out here.

The Sims 4 Contemporary Living Free, Fan-Made Pack

I'm a firm believer that anyone can love The Sims 4 with just the base game, however, it's only natural that we want to add more things to our game. Especially if you love to have nice houses.

Enter CC.

For anyone out there who loves contemporary style design, the base game provides few options. This free pack, however? It delivers. This pack includes over 20 new objects in buy mode, as well as doors and a new wall colour in build mode.

I built a small one-bedroom, one bathroom, base-game house to test out this custom content pack. You can find this house, and a non-CC base-game version on the gallery. Username: Riversidelibrary


This build is fully base-game compatible, one bedroom, one bathroom,coming in at under $30,000.

Forgive the bad lighting, it was winter.


I loved so much stuff in this pack!

Some of my favourites inclide the mirror, fireplace (not pictured) and the curved TV.

Special mention to the rugs, lights, TV table, and side tables.

I wasn't so much a fan of the pot plant, nor the bookshelf, but I definitely loved more than I disliked.

The House Plan

The Sims 4 Contemporary Living Pack by Illogical Sims is a great addition to your game! So download it now and enjoy!

Download the pack here!

Penny for your thoughts? (I'm kidding, I don't have pennies but I'd love your thoughts)

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