The Obligatory, Hyper-Awkward First Blog Post: Hi.

HI, First Blog Post -- The Riverside Library

Hi, how are you? Good, I hope. This is just a short little piece of writing I am doing to procrastinate writing a longer and much more awkward first post behind that “read-more” tag. How could it be more awkward you may ask? Well, let me have the honour of showing you. 

I’ve spent months thinking about starting this blog. Hell, I’ve spent months writing and rewriting and deleting and starting from scratch just to delete it all again. I had a conundrum – in fact, I always have a conundrum. Just give me a shirt that says “hi, I have a conundrum,” (actually I have so many constant conundrums I practically am a conundrum). See, I wasn’t entirely sure how I wanted to say what I wanted to say. In the end, I chose to be that constantly chirping imaginary bird you never knew you had sitting on your shoulder until I just made you imagine you have a constantly chirping bird sitting on your shoulder. You’re welcome.

So you’ve landed yourself here, which means you’re probably in the bookish community somehow. Be it a reader (casually, professionally, embarrassingly sporadically), a publisher, an author, a writer, a person-who-doesn’t-read-but-still-loves-books-because-books-are-beautiful – who you aren’t doesn’t matter, you’re here! That’s awesome! Hi!

I feel oddly obliged to write you a short passage on what to expect from this little blog, although I have penned an about me page, I am aware that it’s probably more on the vague side (I like to think I have the capacity to be somewhat of a mystery). So, I’ll start with the the obvious – this here blog is dedicated to all things books! Book reviews, book discussions, bookshops, book pictures, book merchandise, books books books books books. Just because… you know, I might like books… a little. I wanted to share my thoughts on books – especially books that I love – with you all.

If you’re reading this post than either you’re here with me from the beginning (yaaaaaaas), you’ve just skipped back to the beginning to see how I started (hi from the past! *waves*), or you’ve actually read all the way back here… which is the most unlikely thing. What can I say? I’m a dreamer.

Speaking of things I am, I also feel compelled to tell you a little about me. Like the fact I own exactly one pair of slippers. They’re brown and they have a dog’s face on them and I love them more than any other article of clothing that I own. I also like coffee – I’ll have it any way, I’m not picky – and I love tea too, but I am picky when it comes to tea. No sugar and no milk. Ever. I own a candle shop – Potions Candle Co., and sometimes I feel like it consumes my life, but there are worse things to be consumed by. I also like to write, I’m currently working on a YA light Sci-Fi/Mystery/kind-of-dystopia-but-not-really book, and it’s great fun. No, you can’t read it anywhere at the moment. Sorry.

If you want to find out what kind of books I like, you can find it on my review policy (I feel very fancy having one of them, it’s like I’m actually taking myself seriously for once. Strange).

As for minor details? I’m a twenty-something recent graduate of a Bachelor’s Degree in Biomedical Science (Majored in Clinical Measurement, Minored in Medical Microbiology, Chemistry and Anatomy & Physiology), who really, really likes potatoes. Also I live in Australia. And I can’t ever seem to successfully operate a microwave. I burnt soup once. No, I have no idea how that is possible that either. But it happened.

Oh, and my name is Mikaela.

Just, if you were wondering.

Mikaela | The Riverside Library

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