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Writing is an art, and the very first rule of art is that there are no rules. So why is it our natural inclination to seek advice about writing? Advice is subjective, writing is personal – it may be well received, and not so, just as there may be an easy way and a hard way, and one person’s easy maybe someone else’s hard. But there is no right and wrong. It’s hard to know whether or not to seek advice, let alone what advice to take. The Unpublished Writers Club (UPWC) is a place for one writer to chat to another and share lessons they’ve learned while writing. These lessons may apply to you, they might not. But they are here, hoping they’ll find someone to help. They may be stories, lists, even videos or talks, who knows? The Unpublished Writers Club follows the one cardinal rule of art: there are no rules.

So, welcome to the Unpublished Writer’s Club. I hope you’ll find something that tickles your fancy, something that inspires you, or something that helps you out of a pinch. 

Five Places to get Inspiration


I have boards upon boards upon boards of inspiration to help me get back into the headspace of my work in progress (WIP). Pinterest’s secret board feature is perfect if you’re like me –  I like to keep things close to my chest while I writing. But because I’m feeling generous, I’ll give you a sneak peek.

I had to hide some of the titles because they had a bit too much information.

Writing Books

Some writers love self-help writing books, others loathe them. I don’t mind them, but there are some that I absolutely adore, like this ‘Letters to a Young Writer’ by Colum McCann – if you follow me on Instagram this won’t be news to you. Rather than a ‘how-to’ book, this ‘Letters to a Young Writer’ is more like a pep talk (often a much needed one), and it always lights a fire under my butt.

Letters to a Young Writer - Colum McCan | The Riverside Library


Bookstapress is compiling an anthology of works by book bloggers, bookstagrammers and bookish influencers to be published in 2019. Make sure you head on over to their Instagram to check it all out.

Bookstapress Quote - The Riverside Library


If reading about other’s peoples writing progress, journey, and dreams gets you motivated, then the #amwriting hashtag on Instagram and Twitter are perfect for you! You can scroll through endless posts about current projects and progress, and make sure you post a few of your own! 


Maybe I’m slightly biased because this is my candle shop, but I love having candles nearby when I’m writing. Over at Potions Candle Co. we just released our first ten Writers Room candles, aimed to bring your project to life! Head on over and check them out!

Where do you go for writing inspiration? Let me know in the comments below, also, if you have a topic you’d like me to cover, drop me a message. And finally, if you’d like to contribute to The Unpublished Writer’s Club, submit your article here, and I’ll be in contact!

Mikaela | The Riverside Library

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